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We received an assignment from German speechwriters Redegold, who needed us to write a speech to be given by a retiring business executive at their farewell dinner. The client provided us with a brief interview giving information on the speakerís interests, position within the company and future plans.

The first draft was very formal and respectful. As it was a business gathering, we emphasised the positive aspects of the company and the progress to be made in the future. The event was held in India, so we incorporated a quote from one of the countryís great philosophers, Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Our client liked the content, particularly the quote, but asked if we could lift the mood, incorporating some jokes. This was the fun part. We went back over the text, adding in little winks and asides, while at the same time working to avoid an over-zany or inconsistent tone.

The client was very happy with the finished speech, as were we. A balance of levity and sincerity, fitting for a final farewell.